Together, we can bring pet care to a new era, with AI.

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Learn how Maven AI-Vet™ enables measurably better outcomes through early detection of health issues, while driving revenue for our partners.

Partnering with Maven to bring proactive pet care to your patients requires no effort and leads to improved health and maximized revenue for your organization.

A game-changing impact

AI-Vet™ offers a digital extension to your organization’s services, putting you and your staff finally in control of pet health while helping you bring peace of mind to satisfied pet parents.

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increased revenue on a practice with 4 doctors


Extra work from your team


Trustpilot satisfaction rating

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Deliver next-level care and increase your revenue

Early detection of health issues

Our advanced tech+AI combo revolutionizes pet assessments by providing valuable context that is often missed.

AI-Vet™ allows your staff to monitor each pet's movement, activity, and behavior remotely and in real time, without the need to bother pet parents.

Best outcomes

AI-Vet™’s comprehensive data analysis helps your staff uncover the whole story behind each issue, leading to more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment strategies.

Increased revenue & client satisfaction

Effortless post-op follow-up

Control the frequency of clinic visits while optimizing their purpose, ensuring pet parents only come by when justified. With AI-Vet™ a clinic with 4 doctors could increase annual revenue by $560,400.0.

For vet clinics and hospitals

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